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Alan Davidoff

Alan Davidoff


Styling Background:
Trained in Israel, mastering the many Israeli hair styling techniques. Educated and experienced in Paul Mitchell coloring techniques. Advanced education includes Razor fundamentals and advanced classes, Keratin Concept certified. Alan had also attended the World Wide Hair Tour in Paris and learned from top hair stylists in the industry. All in the family: Alan comes from an entire family of beauticians. Raised in New York City, his mother, sisters, and a few cousins – about 10 in all – are all hairdressers!

Travels and Training:
Alan graduated from high school at the age of 17, and then left for Israel to attend a nine month hairstyling program while simultaneously learning the language and working as an assistant for two different stylists. Upon his return to the states a year later, Alan began working at a salon in Queens owned by his mother, as well as another salon. “I felt like hair was my world and I could do so much with it,” says Alan of his history as a stylist. “I feel that it’s very artistic and I love to create.”

Products he can’t live without:
Sea Salt Spray which is used best for full-bodies beachy wave looks and can be used on any hair type! Supershine which is a great light moisturizing cream for blow-outs or can be used as a light leave-in treatment. Dry Texturizing Spray, it acts like a dry shampoo and adds more body to your everyday look. A product you should never travel without!

Other interests:
His creations aren’t just limited to the hot celebrity styles that he bequeaths to his clients. In his spare time, he also enjoys fixing cars and motorcycles. Now, that’s what you call a well-rounded stylist!

instagram: @Alan_davidoff

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Hailing from Florida, Amanda has been in the hair industry for almost 10 years. With talent and clear ambition she loves to explore natural textures and provides low-maintenance looks with a creative twist. Amanda’s clients have said Amanda is a “hair sculptor” and gives a“hypnotic” haircut.

Color that pops, whether its bold and fun or subtle and dimensional, is not beyond reach with this inspired and gifted stylist. Amanda started her education at Salon Professional Academy, a Redken Flagship in Tampa, FL. She has continued her education by becoming a Davines certified color educator and is also certified in Coppola keratin treatments.

Products she can’t live without:
1. Davines Oi All in One Milk – the perfect product. Oil in the form of a light lotion that won’t weigh your hair down. Easy spray-application. Moisture, no frizz and shine, Oi has you covered. “For me? Bed Head is my enemy. Just Spray all over, scrunch and go for shine and workability,” says Amanda.

2. Oribe Strong hold hairspray. “A little goes a long way. Great for taming your bangs, giving you the perfect side-sweep. Spray on fingertips and run through ends, or tame fly-aways. Don’t be afraid to brush through after it has set as it leaves the hair still manageable and soft.”

3. Davines Strong dry wax. Perfect product for short, “elegantly disheveled” styles with a lasting, re-workable strong hold.



Samantha has always been drawn to big city life, so after completing her cosmetology education in Arizona, she followed her dream and moved to New York City. Sam has continued to advance her education in NYC where her love for creative color compelled her to become Pravana Color Certified. She has also completed the intense cutting program at Slope Suds, inspired by Nick Arrojo’s classic cutting series.
Sam is a talented stylist who loves to perform the perfect classic bob. She is also an inspired bridal hair and make-up artist with behind the scenes experience with Milk Studios and Pier 59. She loves vintage up do’s and makeup and continues to train at Brooklyn Pin Up School to perfect that 50’s era look.
Products she can’t live without:
Oribe Super Shine Moisture- Adds a beautiful finish to a blowout giving the hair a lasting impression like no other product. It’s great for medium to thick hair and perfect for textured to curly locks as well.
Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray- Delivers touchable waves and curls that last all day while maintaining movement and shine. This product gives hold without the “crunch.” Also, perfect as a finishing product for blowouts and up do’s.
Davines Oi All in One Milk- The perfect multipurpose product that everyone should have. This works wonders to detangle fine hair and it is also a heat protectant. Love that this product gives all hair types a nice shine and frizz free finish.



As a hairstylist and makeup artist based out of New York City, Nallely has gained a love and passion for all things beauty. When she’s not working behind the chair she can be found behind the scenes on the runway such as Mercedes Benz fashion week, Bridal fashion week, photoshoots and bridal parties. Nallely regularly updates her skills in the craft, learning new techniques and trends to hep her clients current. She strives to enhance and embrace her clients’ natural beauty while making them feel and look their absolute best!

Nallely has taken advanced education at The Wella Studio, Arrojo Studios, Make up Designery, Davines, Oribe and also at the Arrojo-inspired training program at Slope Suds.

Products she can’t live without:
1. “Oribe Dry Texurizing Spray is my #1 go to product, I use this 90% of the time for finishing touches. Works great on all textures and lengths. Smells fantastic too!”

2. “Oribe Gel Serum is my go-to for blowouts and leave-in looks. It is multifunctional and can be used to create a variety of different styles. It has so many benefits such as flexibility, hold, and shine and it’s easy enough to use at home! I like using this on all lengths and it gives the perfect amount of hold and shine without weighing hair down.”

3. “Davines Medium Hold Pliable Paste is great for short-medium hair lengths. Again, I am all about multi-use and it is perfect for creating texture for sleek looks. It’s a buildable product and has medium hold. I like to start with a dime-size amount first for a smoother look or a heavier amount for building texture in the hair.My top three products are great for everyone and can be versatile to create different, easy looks at home!”



From a young age Callie knew she wanted to pursue some type of creative career. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design, she decided to use her design knowledge and creative skills to focus her talents on the beauty industry and enrolled herself in Paul Mitchell The School in Tampa, Florida. Having a background in design she approaches hair with an eye for balance, precision and style. Callie loves creating natural and low maintenance looks for all textures and lengths but specializes in short haircuts and painting lived-in balayage looks.

This Florida native has been living and working in Brooklyn for over 10 years all the while sharpening her skills and knowledge with tops brands such as Oribe, Davines, Arrojo, Peter Coppola, Alterego and much more. As well as working behind the chair in a salon, Callie has worked on ad campaigns for clients such as Footlocker and Birchbox where she gained a better knowledge and understanding for the creative possibilities the hair industry has to offer.

When she’s not doing hair, Callie is probably on a plane seeking her next big adventure. Her love of travel has helped her to draw inspiration from different cultures around the world from Africa to South America and Europe.



Nicki is our in-house Color and Chemical Specialist. Over her extensive career, which has included training at Toni & Guy and Jingles in London, Nicki has built an extensive clientele and a reputation as a top color and chemical specialist in the industry

Fun Facts: While Nicki is a dedicated stylist with over 20 years of experience, she also once worked as a traveling store detective. While studying theater, she also began moonlighting as a checker cab driver.
Advanced Training: Nicki has taken essential color, creative color foiling techniques and corrective color classes at Wella. She has also studied balayage technique at Loreal with Nancy Braun.

Favorite Service: “I could do highlights all day,” she says with a big smile on her face. When asked to impart knowledge to budding stylists that she’s gained over her extensive career, she has this to say: “Don’t be in a rush. Spend the time and get the right training.”

Products she can’t live without:
1. “Oribe Grandiose hair plumping mousse is by far the best styling mousse I have used,” says Nicki. “It provides maximum volume and hold on even the limpest hair.”

2. “Davines Medium Hold Pliable Paste is my go-to product for short, textured haircuts. It is good for all types of hair and not matte so hair does not look dry. This is a favorite of most of my male clients.”

“Davines Sea Salt Spray is great for a tousled, beachy look and can be used on wet or dry hair.”



Milla began her styling days in the year 2000. She traveled throughout Europe to further advance her styling education. She has a background in photo shoot styling, hair shows, and working with A-list clients and has fine-tuned her color techniques with advanced training from Wella, Redken, Loreal, Davines and Alfaparf

Milla has received extensive training in precision-based cutting and advanced razor techniques at the Arrojo Studios in Soho and has mastered the dry cutting technique from training at The John Sahag Workshop on Madison Avenue. She has learned to understand and embrace curly hair types, making her a master in her technique and enabling her to create looks that suit many different lifestyles. From haircuts to color to sophisticated blow-dries and immaculate styling her calm manner has made her a firm favorite for a wide range of clients.

Products she can’t live without:
1. Imperial Blow out by Oribe, Hands down the best! I have used this beautiful tube on a wide range of hair textures and hair types and find that it acclimates to any of them giving a full bodied, runway look easily with no additional products needed to amp it up. Surprisingly even on the finest of hairs it gives the perfect amount of grittiness to get the job
done without limpness.

2. Texturizing Hair spray by Oribe. Like the imperial blowout crème this spray also works great on a wide range of hair types and textures, depending on how much is used it can go anywhere from adding a little volume to hiding greasy unwashed hair not to mention acting as a fragrance to the hair.

3. Rock Hard Gel by Oribe, although the name is misleading it really does hold the style for more than one day. Long and thick haired gals need not be afraid to use such a strong sounding product because once the heat of the dryer heats it, it immediately softens and creates a beautiful smooth yet voluminous hold that will last and last. My favorite hair types to use this on are medium to thick hair shoulder length and longer.



Basquiat said “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” This is a quote Olivia lives by when it comes to her craft as a hairstylist, barber and makeup artist.. And also when it came to packing up her kit and moving all the way to Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Central District Seattle, WA, Olivia became a stylist while working as a makeup artist for a poetry troupe called “Afro-disiac”. “I had only come to do makeup, but my clients would always ask me “Hey can you do my hair too? I really don’t know what to do with it for the show.” Safe to say, the hosts loved the styles I executed and it became routine for me to do their hair for the shows, it didn’t feel like work.” After 3 years of being the resident makeup artist and stylist for the troupe, she decided to just go to school and become a Cosmetologist. “I loved going to school and learning to exercise my creative abilities. I learned a lot more by using my hands way more than I learned from reading a book and it felt good.” After graduating in 2013 and working for a while in different salons, she moved to Los Angeles working as a freelance stylist for photoshoots and fashion shows as well as salons. “I love my day to day clients, but photoshoots and fashion shows are my happy place. The hustle and bustle of getting models’ hair and makeup ready for the camera and the runway is a rush that I will always chase until my body tells me to stop.” During her career, Olivia has taken advanced courses in Barbering, Hairstyling, Cutting and Color Techniques and has become a specialist in Thermal styling, Blowouts, Chemical Relaxing, Dreadlock Maintenance as well as Natural Hair Care. As a makeup artist,  Olivia also has knowledge and expertise in many different makeup lines such as MAC, NARS, Urban Decay, Lancome, Makeup Forever and Anastasia.

Products she can’t live without;

Heat Protectant- “A great heat protectant is essential for healthy hair. Doesn’t matter if you’re just blow drying your hair or thermal styling with direct heat, heat damage is heat damage and once the hair is damaged there’s no turning back… unless you want to cut your hair.”

Moroccan Oil- “To add shine and tame frizz without the heaviness of product weighing down the hair, when used correctly Moroccan oil will always take care of you, no matter the hair texture… plus it smells like magic.”

Sea Salt Spray- “Whether you’re going for beachy waves after a blow out or you want to make thin hair looking thicker after a new haircut, Sea Salt Spray will give you a look of perfect texture as if you just left the beach on a sunny day… even in the middle of the concrete jungle.”