The Slope Suds family is proud to host the very talented artist Sophia Reed for the month of July. Stop by the salon to see her work and learn more about her as a local artist.





Sophia Reed is a Brooklyn based artist obsessed with social media. Reed was raised in Kansas City, Missouri where she earned a BFA in painting and BSE in Art Education. Her artistic practice drastically changed when she moved from her spacious studio in Missouri to her much smaller studio, also functioning as a bedroom in New York. The artist’s new location presented challenges, forcing her to take new approaches in her work.

One bizarre Instagram photo of a friend stretching her tongue to reach a smoothie straw sparked her first drawing with the words ‘Social media is weird’ written underneath. After a few months her intrigue grew, revealing itself on her bedroom walls. Hundreds of drawings, with a virus like feeling, working to take over the inhabited surface. The subjects were taken directly from those who fill her phone’s Instagram feed. Reed often made herself follow the feed in a strange obedience, not allowing herself to pick and choose what she found visually pleasing.

The images are stripped of their natural environments, leaving a peculiar subject matter. When grouped together, the viewer is left with odd pairings. The Instagrams made into drawings, brings social media into a more physical form, pen and paper, simplifying and complicating the images at the same time. The process of drawing each Instagram by hand, makes each post seem special, yet when displayed with several others the details of the artworks are often lost in a sea of drawings. Reed’s work invites the onlookers to gather their own conclusions of social media’s impact on our daily lives.